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Access all your data with a content acquisition system and aggregated data

All formats

The Heysquid solution is a content and data acquisition system dedicated to your operation and your business: it allows you to read and process all your digital files and data, regardless of their formats.

All objects

Heysquid maximizes the acquisition of your content and data by opening the field of possibilities: information is now polymorphic, it can be used in the form of text, images, videos and compositions.

All channels

The number of internal and external information distribution channels has multiplied. Heysquid assimilates them, indexes them and allows you to deliver increasingly rich information. The solution can activate different acquisition channels, adapted to your content and data.

New technologies offer us more and more file formats, and Heysquid was designed and conceived to recognize them all. With Heysquid, you can easily activate a reliable and secure content and data acquisition lever for your organization: it will facilitate the reading of all formats, control them securely and optimize the processing of the different formats.

Heysquid ingests all types of “binary” files and uses the XML metadata that is typically associated with them.
As a result, the system indexes this XML information in order to manage these binaries.
For example, a binary file corresponding to an image will be recognized by Heysquid, which will automatically propose a list of actions and a viewing mode adapted to this format.

The example of Research sectors

Activities related to high technology and fundamental studies find in Heysquid a system that makes use of a wide variety of file types such as office documents, technical data, scientific formulas, tests, etc.
A scientific project is managed in its entirety, from drawing up funding application requests to the producing the final deliverable.

The Heysquid content and data acquisition system helps you develop your business by cross checking and optimizing any type of plan, technical document and administrative information.
You can now read and process your documents in high style, without reading or format problems.

In addition to managing the most common file formats, Heysquid manages assembled information such as spreadsheets or graphic compositions that bring together different types of data and files.

The example of the Real Estate, Construction and Public Works markets

Used for asset management, facility management, or project delivery, Heysquid’s features are highly adaptable and versatile.

Heysquid manages all the creation, validation and update cycles:

  • plans of all types such as network plans, 2D/3D topographic monitoring, and building plans
  • technical documentation such as vibration studies, material sheets, quality assurance plans, specifications, 3D layouts
  • administrative documents including general and special terms of contract, the building work execution method, price lists, other contracts

Multi-channel distribution makes it easy to acquire new content and, by extension, develop a new audience.
Automation ensures that you save time, while activating the best acquisition channels, always adapted to your industry.

There are many channels for distributing information, both internally and externally: Web 3.0, social networks, edutainment platforms, and many more.

Heysquid assimilates them, assembles them, indexes them and allows you to deliver ever richer information.

We have use cases of Heysquid with the largest French press groups such as Le Point, l’Express, and Groupe Bayard who use the ability to manage and insert their national daily and national weekly publications into the press flows (PQN/PHN).

The defense sectors choose Heysquid to provide the best maintenance and support services for defense forces, in order, among other things, to set profiling properties in technical documents or to assemble different documents to create handover files.

Or even to interface with different information systems and applications via web services and APIs, as demonstrated by the Life Sciences sector when they collect and interact with measurement machines or demographic data.

Optimize your content and data acquisition system with Heysquid

A digital content and data acquisition system makes it possible to capture and make files from different information systems readable.
The strength of our Heysquid content management system is that it simply makes use of the acquired data without the need to transform them.

It can be considered as a real acquisition center for attractive content for your company, in all formats, multiform and multi-channel.

The Heysquid solution is a complete source of digital information and data acquisition that:

  • Consolidates all your content, data and information securely
  • Shows you your business documents without format compatibility problems
  • Analyzes your digital data in real time
  • Generates reports

In support of your marketing and publishing strategy, Heysquid helps you collect your data securely and in real time.

It is also an acquisition system offering new tools and intelligent content, while developing the visibility of your organization, through all-channel distribution.

The Heysquid solution is a complete content and data acquisition software solution: you can easily process and collect both your content and your data.

Heysquid makes it easy to process all your documents without compatibility issues, with multi-channel delivery.

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