Heysquid: Content and document management platform

The customizable content management platform for your business

The versatility at the heart of Heysquid

Heysquid stands out with its exceptional versatility. Whether it’s document management, creating customized workflows, or multichannel distribution, Heysquid excels in all areas. IT departments will appreciate the flexibility of this platform, which can be adapted to a variety of sectors and needs.

At a glance

Key features of Heysquid

The digital era has radically transformed how businesses manage, distribute, and share their content. For IT departments, finding a versatile and innovative solution to address these challenges is crucial. This is where Heysquid comes in, the tailored content management platform designed to meet the specific needs of modern enterprises.

Full customization

Heysquid allows IT departments to create a content management solution perfectly tailored to their company. Customize workflows, document templates, and interfaces to meet your organization’s needs.


Heysquid seamlessly integrates with your existing systems, ensuring a smooth transition and optimal use of your existing resources.
Opt for a modern and simplified deployment.


Content distribution across different channels (web, mobile, print) is simplified with Heysquid. You can reach your audience wherever they are, consistently. In addition to targeting, ensure information security.

The keys to success for IT departments

Process Automation

Heysquid automates tedious tasks, freeing up time for teams and reducing the risk of human errors. IT Directors can ensure smoother and more efficient content management.

Cost reduction

By optimizing processes and eliminating inefficiencies, Heysquid contributes to reducing overall operational costs, which is always a critical goal for IT departments.

Advanced Security

Data security is a major concern for IT departments. Heysquid offers advanced security features, such as access control and data privacy, to ensure the protection of your sensitive information.

A rich interface

A future-proof solution

Heysquid is much more than a simple content management platform. It is a scalable solution designed to accompany your company in the ever-evolving digital world. IT departments can be assured that Heysquid will meet future challenges thanks to its flexibility and commitment to innovation.

"Admins have their cockpit."

All the commands are just a click away.

Model to create.

Workflows, organizational processes, or automation.
Gain flexibility in your configurations.

Secure user and GDPR-compliant rights management.

To learn more about how Heysquid can improve your organization’s content management, contact us today. Our team will be happy to discuss your specific needs and demonstrate how Heysquid can bring tangible benefits to your organization.

Choose the addon that suits you

Heysquid is available in standard version or with addons adapted to your business and projects.

Heysquid NEWS

The complete editorial solution, ready to use for the news and communication groups

Excellence in Crossmedia

Discover our complete editorial solution for consumer and corporate communications.
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Heysquid DITA

The most efficient documentary standard finally within your reach

For your international document projects

Streamline your resources and increase your digital and multilingual deliverables.
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Heysquid PORTAL

Master your knowledge and communicate better with the Heysquid solution and its document portal addon

The Document Portal for your information assets

Disseminate your information by mastering your knowledge
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