Heysquid NEWS

Your complete editorial solution for cross-media content publication

Is the Heysquid NEWS extension (successor to the former XMS) the most comprehensive editorial solution to date?

Designed to meet the specific needs of communication groups, press editorial teams, media groups, and the world of magazines.

The Reasons

Ensures the ability to publish and distribute without constraints

The media landscape is constantly evolving, and editorial teams need powerful tools to adapt to the changing demands of their audience.

The Heysquid NEWS extension is the complete solution designed to meet the requirements of any organization or department responsible for publishing information of any kind and in all its forms.

The users

Who is the Heysquid NEWS extension for?

The Heysquid NEWS extension is suitable for all editorial teams, whether for general or specialized publications. This versatile solution is used by renowned titles in politics, social and economic information, youth publications, specialized magazines in medicine, tourism, gastronomy, leisure, and much more.

Heysquid’s NEWS extension is a comprehensive software suite covering all aspects of your workflows for printed and digital content production. All roles in the editorial and production chain play a part with the Heysquid NEWS extension.

What sets it apart

An editorial suite

The Heysquid NEWS extension is more than just a content creation platform. It’s a set of powerful tools designed to streamline every step of your publication process. Here’s how this solution can revolutionize your publication and workflow processes:

Customizable workflows

Heysquid offers customizable workflows that adapt to your specific needs. Easily manage and track the workflow for creating, editing, and publishing your content.

Full customization

You can fully customize your editorial environment to match your brands and specializations.


Provide your contributors, freelancers, and journalists with a system that allows them to quickly find essential documents for their assignments and track the progress of their texts, images, and infographics, ensuring clear and unambiguous reading.

Creation of editing forms for custom content

Customize your editing forms to simplify content creation, from text to media. Easily adapt your metadata to the requirements of digital platforms.

Compatibility and import/export of all content types

The Heysquid NEWS extension is compatible with all types of content, whether it’s text, images, videos, or other media. Easily import and export for seamless use. Deliver your websites and social media platforms with ease.

Configurable publication and distribution workflows

Control every aspect of your publication and distribution workflows for precise content management. Quickly update your posts or articles and make layout decisions promptly.

At a glance

The key features of Heysquid NEWS extension

All your features in a unified environment, all your workflows in a streamlined process.

Centralize, search, and find your information with ease. Transform your storytelling by diversifying your sources and references!

Be guided in the creation of your content and benefit from numerous automatic indexing and control functions.

Follow the collaborative editing of your pages in real time.
Automate your tasks around ADOBE InDesign©.

Manage your publications and advertising space in real time.
Define allocations according to your printers’ sections.

Get an automated PDF workflow with Enfocus Switch and PitStop controls and previews.
Deliver with peace of mind.

Quickly manage your publications and speed up decision-making.

For whom

Applications for use are growing ever wider

Heysquid’s NEWS extension is suitable for a multitude of sectors and activities.

Discover how Heysquid’s NEWS extension can improve your publication production, reduce costs, and accelerate the transition to digital. Contact us today for a customized demonstration.

Here are some examples:

Choose the addon that suits you

Heysquid is available in standard version or with addons adapted to your business and projects.

Heysquid NEWS

The complete editorial solution, ready to use for the news and communication groups

Excellence in Crossmedia

Discover our complete editorial solution for consumer and corporate communications.
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The most efficient documentary standard finally within your reach

For your international document projects

Streamline your resources and increase your digital and multilingual deliverables.
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Heysquid PORTAL

Master your knowledge and communicate better with the Heysquid solution and its document portal addon

The Document Portal for your information assets

Disseminate your information by mastering your knowledge
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