Modular and structured documentation

The advantages of modular and structured documentation

How can you optimize your documentation with Heysquid?

Content management is an essential component for any business seeking to thrive in the digital age. However, the diversity of information, its format, and its structure often pose significant challenges to companies, especially when it comes to business, marketing, and technical documentation. This is where the concept of modular and structured documentation comes into play, a key concept that offers significant advantages for modern businesses.

What is it?

Modular and structured documentation:
What is it?

Modular and structured documentation is an approach that involves breaking down documentation into autonomous units called modules and organizing them coherently. Each module contains specific and self-contained information, allowing them to be reused in different contexts and updated more easily. Unlike traditional documents, this method allows you to create a library of reusable information elements, reducing redundancy and increasing efficiency.

Good to know

Constraints of modular and structured documentation

Although modular and structured documentation offers many advantages, it is not without constraints. Companies face challenges such as the need to standardize the structure of modules, manage frequent updates, and ensure that modules are accessible to all members of the organization.

The advantages

Reuse and consistency

Heysquid, the Enterprise Content Management (ECM) platform developed by 4D CONCEPT, proves to be a major asset in managing modular and structured documentation. With Heysquid, you can easily store, manage, and reuse information modules, ensuring unmatched consistency and accuracy in your content. This helps you avoid human errors and ensures that all your publications are based on up-to-date information.

Ease of updates

One of the key advantages of Heysquid is its ability to seamlessly handle updates. You can make changes in a module, and these changes will automatically be reflected wherever that module is used. This means you save time and effort while minimizing the risk of outdated information.

Customization and adaptability

Heysquid offers exceptional flexibility by allowing you to customize the structure of your modules according to the specific needs of your business. You can create templates tailored to your workflow, simplifying the creation of new modular documents.

Efficient collaboration

Collaboration is essential in managing modular and structured documentation. Heysquid facilitates collaboration by allowing members of your team to work on the same modules in real-time, accelerating the content creation process.

the method

With Heysquid and its DITA extension, mastering this type of documentation becomes intuitive and efficient.

Why choose 4D CONCEPT as your partner?

Defining Objectives:

Setting up requires a deep understanding of modules and their interrelationships.
Your data model should represent your deliverable and organizational needs.

Training Requirements:

Writers and teams need training to fully understand and leverage the potential of modular documentation. Besides new writing skills and techniques, it’s the cross-media or cross-functional way of thinking that changes when using DITA XML repositories.

Content Maintenance:

Over time, modularity can lead to duplicates or inconsistencies if not managed properly. Nomenclatures, glossaries, and content libraries must be perfectly managed to not lose the benefits of adopting DITA XML.


Create once, use everywhere. Modules can be reused in different documents or contexts.

Ease of updates:

Updating a module affects all associated documents, ensuring consistency.


Respond quickly to changing customer or market needs.

Initial Planning:

Think ahead about structuring for better modularity. This often lengthy step is essential for the sustainability of your information.

Assisted Creation:

Heysquid DITA extension offers user-friendly features and writing assistants to ensure smooth and controlled use.

Fully Exploiting DITA:

Use DITA features to facilitate classification, labeling, reuse, and data filtering through applicability mechanisms.

Choose the addon that suits you

Heysquid is available in standard version or with addons adapted to your business and projects.

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