Heysquid DITA

The ultimate solution for your DITA-standard documentation workshop

Why approach DITA documentation projects with Heysquid and its DITA extension (formerly DITA FACTORY)?

Designed to meet the complex needs of modern businesses in technical documentation, this extension offers a complete solution for creating, managing, and disseminating DITA content.

Good to know

What is DITA?

DITA (Darwin Information Typing Architecture) is a standard for technical writing that allows the creation of structured and reusable content. It is widely used in industries such as aerospace, automotive, healthcare, and many others, where technical documentation is essential.

A simple and comprehensive process

The end-to-end DITA documentation workshop

Heysquid’s DITA extension, formerly known as DITA FACTORY, provides quick onboarding and a turnkey installation. Presented as a web application, it offers the ability to configure profiles and validation workflows dedicated to different user roles.

1. Authoring

DITA authoring interfaces allow you to author and cooperate easily with your team members. Heysquid's integrated authoring environment , with its many Helpers, gives you peace of mind when creating your documents.

2. Management

Import, view, explore, or edit metadata from your existing XML document repository in a few clicks. Manage your exchanges with partners and with other information systems.

3. Publishing

Preview, simulate, and validate your productions. The multi-channel publishing system of the DITA extension then automatically directs your content to the composition engine used by the required channel.

4. Distribution

Support multi-channel publishing to efficiently publish on various platforms (web, mobile, print, etc.) from a single source. Improve content consistency and quality through standardized structure and rich metadata for an enhanced user experience, reducing production and maintenance costs. Quickly adapt your information to meet your audience's demands.


Why choose the Heysquid DITA extension?

Comprehensive documentation management

Heysquid’s DITA extension allows you to manage all your technical documentation, whether it’s user manuals, maintenance guides, product catalogs, or any other form of content. You can create, revise, and publish these documents with ease.

Team collaboration

Efficiently collaborate with your writing teams through advanced features for tracking revisions, managing comments, and access rights. Heysquid’s DITA extension promotes seamless collaboration, which is essential for producing high-quality documents.

Customization and multilingualism

Adapt your content to meet the needs of your international audience. Heysquid’s DITA extension supports translation and localization and allows editing in multiple source languages, enabling you to provide documents in multiple languages to your customers.

Multi-channel publishing

With Heysquid’s DITA extension, you can publish your content on different channels, whether in print, digital, web, or even mobile applications. You have the flexibility to reach your audience wherever they are.

Cost reduction and time savings

Automating document creation and publishing processes reduces costs and time. You can quickly update your documents based on your business’s evolving needs.

Who for?

The sectors of application

Heysquid’s DITA extension is suitable for a multitude of sectors and industries.

Discover how Heysquid’s DITA extension can improve your company’s content management, reduce costs, and accelerate document production. Contact us today for a personalized demonstration.

Here are some examples:

At a glance

Discover some of the functional richness of the DITA extension.

We have designed our interface to automate tasks and access a maximum of features with a minimum of clicks.

Your DITA data just a click away
with quick filters, customized

Advanced search with metadata guidance and dynamic filters

View and navigate data structures. Tree or flat view.

Actions on content.
All actions are contextualized
to content and user
according to their rights.

Quickly explore all the information about your content.

Activity tracking and document history.

Customizable for your specialized business activities

Designed natively to cover DITA-standard mechanisms, Heysquid's DITA extension supports your specific activities by being easily customizable.

Discover its key DITA features here and ask for a demonstration.

Definition of new content.
Here as an example, a Topic.

Launching the onboard authoring interface.

Instant preview of different versions.

Lists of illustrations linked to content.

Your DITA data just a click away
with quick filters, customized

Advanced search with metadata guidance and dynamic filters

View and navigate data structures.
Tree or flat view.

Actions on content.
All actions are contextualized
to content and user rights.

Quickly explore all the information about your content.

Activity and document history tracking

Its other capabilities...

Centralized storage of electronic documents

Integration with identity management

Access control and limitation of access to confidential content

Workflows to automate validation and approval processes

Document conversion into different formats (PDF, MS Word, and more)

Archiving for long-term preservation

Calendar management for task scheduling and reminders

Secure document sharing with internal and external users

Secure document destruction according to retention policies

Integration with office tools

Deletion rights management

Analysis and reporting on content usage

Choose the addon that suits you

Heysquid is available in standard version or with addons adapted to your business and projects.

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