Heysquid PORTAL

Transform your content management

What are the innovations that Heysquid extension PORTAL brings to the world of content management?

Quickly create a customized document portal that simplifies the search, navigation, and sharing of your information.

The reasons

Ensuring access to the right information.

In a world where information is the key to success, content management becomes essential to maintain your competitive edge. This is where Heysquid’s Document Portal extension comes in, an all-in-one solution that simplifies your information management.

Discover how this innovative solution can transform your content management.

The advantages

A customized document portal

Heysquid’s Document Portal extension allows you to create a customized document portal that simplifies the search, navigation, and sharing of your information.
Here’s how it can benefit your company:

Intuitive interface

Our document portal features an intuitive interface that facilitates information retrieval. Your teams can quickly find the documents they need, improving their productivity.

Full customization

You can fully customize your portal to match your company’s visual identity. Add your logo, colors, and create a unique user experience.

Customizable workflows

Heysquid offers customizable workflows that adapt to your specific needs. Easily manage and track the workflow for creating, editing, and publishing your content.

Creation of editing forms for custom content

Create customized content editing forms to simplify the creation and updating of your information.

Compatibility and import/export of all content types

Heysquid supports the import and export of all types of content, allowing you to work with your favorite formats.

publication and distribution workflows

Fully configure your publication and distribution workflows to meet your specific communication needs.

At a glance

Key features of Heysquid

The PORTAL extension, Heysquid’s document portal, is a scalable solution. Whether your company is small or large, it can adapt to your expanding needs. You can also integrate additional features as your business grows.

Classification plan
with tree view

Advanced search with metadata guidance and dynamic filters

Document indexing
with metadata

Actions on content

Attachments and links between documents

Activity tracking and document history

Configured for your business

Did we mention that Heysquid extension PORTAL offers numerous features?

But do you know that Heysquid also allows administrators to easily configure it according to the needs of its users?
Here’s how:


Its other capabilities...

Centralized storage of electronic documents

Integration with identity management

Access control and limitation of access to confidential content

Workflows to automate validation and approval processes

Document conversion into different formats (PDF, MS Word, and more)

Archiving for long-term preservation

Calendar management for task scheduling and reminders

Secure document sharing with internal and external users

Secure document destruction according to retention policies

Integration with office tools

Deletion rights management

Analysis and generation of reports on content usage

Choose the addon that suits you

Heysquid is available in standard version or with addons adapted to your business and projects.

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Heysquid PORTAL

Master your knowledge and communicate better with the Heysquid solution and its document portal addon

The Document Portal for your information assets

Disseminate your information by mastering your knowledge
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