Digitalization of the RENAULT Group – Documentary portal and Order Management System

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The steps of Group Renault's digitalization

The project to modernize and digitize information for users of Group Renault vehicles involves many subprojects. All of them are part of the “Renaulution”:

The creation of information is designed and produced in a way that considers the expectations of interactivity and compatibility with mobile platforms.
To control the costs of productions and translations, the content writing is highly reusable and rationalized to the limits.
And minimizing print volumes without ever sacrificing access to printed documentation by vehicle users.

Group RENAULT has recognized Heysquid, an agile and powerful information system that supports the distribution of PDF guides and printing orders, as well as the quick building of order and invoice workflows to better manage partner, customer, and internal flows.

Provide all mediums to vehicle users.

Group Renault aims to provide vehicle users with easy access to all information media, even if the trend appears to be towards the disappearance of the printed documentation delivered in the vehicle. This service must allow users who wish to do so to retrieve their guide in paper format.

A portal to view owner manual bundles (On-Board Batches) and order prints

Heysquid offers native interfaces for searching, filtering, and setting metadata, which will help you better qualify and index On-Board Batches. Its native preview functionality provides a comfortable reading experience and can integrate with web services such as shopping carts. It can also evolve into other eCommerce functionalities.

An international and collaborative documentary production

The management of the flow of creation and distribution of publications requires a tool capable of managing the invoices and the orders triggered on the numerous stages of the production of the On-Board Batches. Here again, Heysquid meets Group Renault’s expectations because it offers the ability to model existing and future workflows and allows for multiple automations to be assigned to each step and transition.

The agility of Heysquid is a game-changer for all digitalization projects.

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